There are ownership options for just about everyone!

Racehorse ownership has evolved in recent decades and you will find that even with a limited budget there are options for enthusiasts to share the costs of racehorse ownership while not scrimping on all of the excitement!

Sole Ownership

This is where you own the horse(s) outright and you are responsible for all training and racing costs and will solely reap the benefits of any purse money and bonuses earned by your horse(s).  Decisions with your trainer will be solely made by you.


Co-owning and partnerships on a horse(s) with friends, family or colleagues.  With two or more registered owners to run in their own names or a partnership name.  The co-owners or partnership will need to determine the share percentage for each on the horse(s) and each will be responsible for that same percentage of costs as well as purse money and bonus distribution.  


Similar to Partnerships, Syndicates are generally run by a syndicate manager and the horse(s) run under the syndicate name and in the syndicate colours.  While the persons in the syndicate are treated as if they are co-owners, a syndicate agreement would determine initial and/or annual costs or fees, administration costs as well as purse and bonus payouts and rules of the syndicate.  The benefits of syndicates are that they allow you to experience ownership at a fixed cost and low risk.

Racing Clubs

As a member of a racing club you can enjoy some of the benefits of racehorse ownership but without ownership right of the horse(s).  Your fee will include you in the excitement of horses running in the Club’s colours and will give you an opportunity to experience the social benefits at a fixed annual rate.

Company Ownership

An Ontario licensed company, farm or stable can own a horse(s) under the name of the business and can own horses outright or within a partnership or syndicate.


Leasing a racehorse(s) from the horse(s) legal owner for a set period of time.  The lease can be for a one off race or a season or for the entire racing career.  This option offsets the initial cost of buying the horse.  Costs and purse earnings would be determined under the contract of the lease.  At the end of the term the ownership returns to the legal owner

For More Information Contact Ownership Specialist, Stacie Roberts