A Simplified Step by Step Guide to Racehorse Ownership in Ontario

1. Find a Trainer

Your trainer will assist you with buying a racehorse(s) and the costs of keeping a racehorse(s) in training.  They will also provide guidance and answer many of your initial questions.

2. Decide on Type of Ownership

There are many types of ownership options to consider:

a. Sole Ownership

b. Co-Ownership/Partnership

c. Syndicate

d. Racing Club

e. Company Ownership

f. Leasing

3. Register as an Owner

In Ontario all owners with 5% share or more must register with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) as an owner

4. Training

Once you are registered your horse(s) will need to go into training with your chosen trainer.  You can then visit the backstretch to watch your horse(s) train and learn about all the different types of training methods and race planning strategies.

5. Design your Colours

Design and create your colours (or silks) which will be worn by the jockeys.

6. Raceday

When your trainer has determined that your horse(s) is ready to race, your trainer will make an entry for your horse(s) and you can experience race day as an owner.

7. Retiring your racehorse(s)

You should plan ahead by reviewing the existing retirement and welfare options for racehorses.