Yearling & Claiming Syndicates Now Available

It's Your Turn to become a racehorse owner and be part of a possible future Champion!

~ Ross Armata Jr. Racing Stable - Trainer Ross Armata Jr.
~ Beat the Feet Racing Stable - Trainer Sylvain Pion, Manager Terri Pion
~ Chrysalid Stable - Trainer Krista Cole, Manager Sherry McLean
~ Crimson Fields Stable - Trainer Andrew Smith, Manager David Dare
~ Dale Desruisseaux & Partners - Trainer Dale Desruisseaux
~ Encore Racing Club - Trainer Mike De Paulo, Manager Amanda Roxborough
~ Overheath Racing Stable 2019 - Trainer Mike De Paulo, Manager Charles Overland

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Ontario's Thoroughbred Improvement Program

Out of the Gate

Before Buying a Racehorse

You have made the decision to own a Thoroughbred Racehorse but where do you start?

Before purchasing a racehorse be sure to seek guidance from someone with experience such as a trainer or bloodstock agent.

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Ownership Options

There are ownership options for just about everyone.  The main factors in deciding which option is right for you depends on the type of experience you are looking for and of course your budget.

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The Racehorse Ownership Experience

Anyone involved in racehorse ownership will tell you that it is an experience unlike any other.  The excitement of cheering on your horse as it races down the stretch is indescribable, a feeling, that most say, you won't experience anywhere else.

There are a number of ways you can purchase a Thoroughbred racehorse.

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Become a Thoroughbred Racehorse Owner Today

Ownership Specialist Stacie Roberts is here to provide you with the best guidance to becoming a Thoroughbred racehorse owner.

From choosing the type of ownership you would like to experience to ensuring that you have a trainer, partnership or group that will fit your expectations.

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Next Steps...

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